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What are the benefits of Play Therapy?

Play is essential for children to develop physically, emotionally and socially. Play Therapy, in any setting, has numerous benefits:


       It provides a safe space for emotional expression

       Children learn how to express their thoughts and feelings in constructive ways

       It fosters decision-making and acceptance of responsibility

       It facilitates the development of problem-solving, coping skills and resilience

       It helps children to explore and practise social skills

       It helps children to make friends and learn about their ever expanding world

       It allows children to learn from mistakes safely

       It encourages confidence and concentration

       It fosters imagination and creativity

       It supports emotional healing and growth


Within the school setting Play Therapy benefits both the child and teaching staff by facilitating improvements in … 

ü       Participation in group work
ü       Communication with others
ü       Listening
ü       Concentration on work
ü       Reduced exclusions
ü       Improvement in attendance rates 

Assessment questionnaires are used to establish individual therapeutic goals and to monitor progress and changes. These assessment tools are linked to SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) objectives and can therefore support the school's focus on PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) education.  

Play therapy meets and accepts each child where he or she is at in life and provides support to promote personal development and to facilitate each child’s capacity to be healthy.


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